Spring is here!

Hello Spring!

You’ve definitely made sure everyone knows you’re here for good and winter is far gone. With the flowers starting to blossom again, which also makes walking to work a lot more enjoyable it’s time to start adjusting my length of my clothing and time to remove those thick wooly scarfs/jumpers that I love so much. Spring is the perfect time to start introducing colour into the wardrobe as it is so easy just to wear black constantly during winter. This is simply because in spring you can wear one simple piece of clothing, like a dress and then you only need to accessorise with some cute scandals or sneakers and a bag, Simple! Whilst in winter you have to co-ordinate with your pants, shirts, jumpers and scarfs whilst still trying to stay as warm as possible.

As the days get longer and warmer, but our skirt lengths shorter, it’s always nice to keep some vibrant new clothing to keep your wardrobe fresh.


1) Minty meets munt

2) Sass and bide

3) Zimmerman

4) Sass and bide

5) Zimmerman

6) Zimmerman

7) Converse

Wish List

Goodbye Summer, I’ll see you again

As summer comes to an end, I review the must have summer essentials. Summer as a whole means you have longer days, no study commitments and occasional work shifts. This results in having a lot of spare time to be with yourself, hang with friends and go to the beach, of course. I spent my summer travelling so my travel expenses took a look out of my pocket, compared to my usual purchases of material values (and food). However, I found with a few good every day items that went with most of my wardrobe I was always confident in what I was wearing. Here are a few of my basic summer essentials –


1) Black Seafolly Bikini 2) Karen Walker sunglasses 3) Zimmerman silk shirt 4) Brown leather Zomp Sandals 5)Luca’s Papaw Ointment 6) Black Ksubi denim shorts 6) Tigerlily straw hat

Wish List

Love is in the air

If someone was to ask me to name the five things that I loved most, I would have to say the colours red and pink, flowers, my beautiful blonde Labrador Lucy, fashion and the idea of being in love. When I say the idea of being in love, I don’t just mean with someone but also something. The idea of falling in love with that perfect pair of shoes that you lay-by and pay off with every pay check that you receive, or being in love with that particular meal where every mouthful melts in your mouth is simply delightful. To love something, or to be in love always brings such happiness whether it’s a simple text message from the person you love instantly brightening up any mood or if you have a love of fashion and you purchase those items that you’ve been dying to have brings an instant sense of satisfaction. 

Here are a few things that I would LOVE to have, inspired by a few of my favourite things –


1) Pink Witchery Jumper 2) Stripy Zimmerman top 3) Silk red zimmerman skirt 4) Wise jewellery Love Ring 5) Black Jelly Bean shoes 6) A roll in The Hague red nail polish, Kiss me on the Tulips pink nail polish, Pedal Faster Suzi! light pink nail polish, Red Lights Ahead… Where? red nail polish