Wish List

Summer Essentials

You know me, I am forever writing wish list that I eventually want to purchase. But by the time I actually come to saving up the money to purchase it they’re a hundred of other things I want to purchase as well. However, here is still my summer essential list that i am determined to purchase to get though this scorching summer.


Shoes: Birkenstock, Lip Scrub: Lush, Shoes: shakuhachi, Wallet: Koncept, Sunglass: Ray Ban, Swimmers: Triangl, Moisturisers: Aesop


Birkenstocks are Back!

After seeing the trend of Birkenstock’s return back into fashion, Miranda Kerr’s photo shot for Vogue definitely made sure they were coming back for good. I want to wear them with everything and nothing, with dresses or with jeans. They are my #1 shoe for this summer.




Photos: Miranda Kerr by Alasdhair Mclellan for Vogue UK September 2013

Wish List

Some Sunday Afternoon Inspiration

I love spending my lazy sunday afternoons looking at fashion photographs and online shopping. I just love to catch up with what’s in style as well as some inspiration on how to wear your original pieces already hanging in your wardrobe.

As always, I tend to always go straight for black and white as it’s minimal and easy. Here are my favourite images of the afternoon, as well as a few good online buys I found to mirror these looks.






All images: Tumblr

Jacket: maison martin margeiela, top: Saint Laurent, Jacket: Bango & Matilda, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Jacket: Theory, Top: Unknown, Jeans: Witchery, Pants: Witchery, Shoes: Saint Laurent


Spring is here!

Hello Spring!

You’ve definitely made sure everyone knows you’re here for good and winter is far gone. With the flowers starting to blossom again, which also makes walking to work a lot more enjoyable it’s time to start adjusting my length of my clothing and time to remove those thick wooly scarfs/jumpers that I love so much. Spring is the perfect time to start introducing colour into the wardrobe as it is so easy just to wear black constantly during winter. This is simply because in spring you can wear one simple piece of clothing, like a dress and then you only need to accessorise with some cute scandals or sneakers and a bag, Simple! Whilst in winter you have to co-ordinate with your pants, shirts, jumpers and scarfs whilst still trying to stay as warm as possible.

As the days get longer and warmer, but our skirt lengths shorter, it’s always nice to keep some vibrant new clothing to keep your wardrobe fresh.


1) Minty meets munt

2) Sass and bide

3) Zimmerman

4) Sass and bide

5) Zimmerman

6) Zimmerman

7) Converse



So, just recently I purchased my first Camilla. It’s a playful, flirty jumpsuit which I absolutely adore. At first I was skeptical to spend such money on just one dress (considering I am only a student.) However, from hearing feed back from other Camilla lovers, my purchase felt more like an investment. Even with one girl mentioning that she wanted to keep her Camilla for her own child to have.

Those stunning, colourful, delicate pieces that almost resemble an art form of some kind, are perfect for summer and will suit nearly every body shape. I find the camilla pieces are not just about wearing a timeless statement outfit, but it’s about the way the dress makes you feel as the soft fabric gently sits on your skin and the intricate detailing of the design gives the items a touch of luxury.

I fall more and more in love with Camilla and since purchasing mine I have realised 1 thing. Every girl deserves at least 1 Camilla dress.

Here are a few of my favourites. Which one is yours?



Take me away

So, I’m heading off to Melbourne in a week. It’s just a local, quick trip to check out some of their current exhibitions, and of course, do a bit of shopping. The perfect plane outfit is always difficult to conquor as you need to wear something that is comfortable but each item also has to be easily suited for the rest of your lugguage.

I’m only heading down to melbourne for a week, so my luggage is limited. That means everything on the plane I will actually wear a few times over. It’s always good to stick with the basics, as basics will accompany for any outfit.

I have started with a great pair of country road jeans that are really flexible and comfortable, with a black and white stripped top (how could you go wrong.) For when it gets a bit chilly on the plane I have a grey jumper to put on if needed. I have chosen a bright orange bag to bring some colour into the equation with some cute, simple and comfortable ballet flats.


1) Alexander wang bag 2) Country road ballet flats 3) Proenza Schoulder top 4) Equipment grey jumper 5) Country road jeans