Beauty, Wish List


I’ve recently just become obsessed with Burberry’s Nail polish lines. I am in love with their subtle every tones as well as their bold statement reds. I aim to own every colour. It will be a very expensive task, but with my boyfriend heading overseas soon I aim to get some for a little bit cheaper (fingers crossed).



Flower power

floEvery Wednesday, also my payday, I will always pick up a bunch of flowers for my room. It’s an expensive routine but it always gives my mood that little pick me up after a long day of work or uni. A little bit of colour, that is different every week evokes a rejuvenating feel so why not add some floral to your wardrobe. Adding a bit of floral to your outfit with definitely give you a refreshing and chic look. Remember, unless you’re wearing one neutral block colour (black, white or cream) keep your remaining outfit very simple.



1) Lover red skirt 2) Etsy floral headpiece 3) White Shakuhachi playsuit 4) Etsy floral head piece 5) Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs