Wish List

Summer Essentials

You know me, I am forever writing wish list that I eventually want to purchase. But by the time I actually come to saving up the money to purchase it they’re a hundred of other things I want to purchase as well. However, here is still my summer essential list that i am determined to purchase to get though this scorching summer.


Shoes: Birkenstock, Lip Scrub: Lush, Shoes: shakuhachi, Wallet: Koncept, Sunglass: Ray Ban, Swimmers: Triangl, Moisturisers: Aesop



So, just recently I purchased my first Camilla. It’s a playful, flirty jumpsuit which I absolutely adore. At first I was skeptical to spend such money on just one dress (considering I am only a student.) However, from hearing feed back from other Camilla lovers, my purchase felt more like an investment. Even with one girl mentioning that she wanted to keep her Camilla for her own child to have.

Those stunning, colourful, delicate pieces that almost resemble an art form of some kind, are perfect for summer and will suit nearly every body shape. I find the camilla pieces are not just about wearing a timeless statement outfit, but it’s about the way the dress makes you feel as the soft fabric gently sits on your skin and the intricate detailing of the design gives the items a touch of luxury.

I fall more and more in love with Camilla and since purchasing mine I have realised 1 thing. Every girl deserves at least 1 Camilla dress.

Here are a few of my favourites. Which one is yours?


Wish List

Goodbye Summer, I’ll see you again

As summer comes to an end, I review the must have summer essentials. Summer as a whole means you have longer days, no study commitments and occasional work shifts. This results in having a lot of spare time to be with yourself, hang with friends and go to the beach, of course. I spent my summer travelling so my travel expenses took a look out of my pocket, compared to my usual purchases of material values (and food). However, I found with a few good every day items that went with most of my wardrobe I was always confident in what I was wearing. Here are a few of my basic summer essentials –


1) Black Seafolly Bikini 2) Karen Walker sunglasses 3) Zimmerman silk shirt 4) Brown leather Zomp Sandals 5)Luca’s Papaw Ointment 6) Black Ksubi denim shorts 6) Tigerlily straw hat