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I’ve recently just become obsessed with Burberry’s Nail polish lines. I am in love with their subtle every tones as well as their bold statement reds. I aim to own every colour. It will be a very expensive task, but with my boyfriend heading overseas soon I aim to get some for a little bit cheaper (fingers crossed).


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Summer Essentials

You know me, I am forever writing wish list that I eventually want to purchase. But by the time I actually come to saving up the money to purchase it they’re a hundred of other things I want to purchase as well. However, here is still my summer essential list that i am determined to purchase to get though this scorching summer.


Shoes: Birkenstock, Lip Scrub: Lush, Shoes: shakuhachi, Wallet: Koncept, Sunglass: Ray Ban, Swimmers: Triangl, Moisturisers: Aesop

Wish List

Some Sunday Afternoon Inspiration

I love spending my lazy sunday afternoons looking at fashion photographs and online shopping. I just love to catch up with what’s in style as well as some inspiration on how to wear your original pieces already hanging in your wardrobe.

As always, I tend to always go straight for black and white as it’s minimal and easy. Here are my favourite images of the afternoon, as well as a few good online buys I found to mirror these looks.






All images: Tumblr

Jacket: maison martin margeiela, top: Saint Laurent, Jacket: Bango & Matilda, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Jacket: Theory, Top: Unknown, Jeans: Witchery, Pants: Witchery, Shoes: Saint Laurent

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A lil’ bit of leopard

As I was browsing the internet late one night and collecting images to use as inspiration I found myself constantly drawn to a few particular images. These images all included a lil’ bit of leopard.

I love accessories that have been inspired by the beautiful print of leopard fur. I wouldn’t recommend wearing too much of the print as it may appeal overwhelming, however a subtle touch can make an outfit edgy. Whether it’s wearing leopard shoes or belt to add some detail to a plain outfit or wearing a leopard clutch to add some detail to your block coloured outfit, overall this browns and black combination seem to go with any colour and really seem to bring an outfit all together.

These items from tumblr have inspired this post and the following items are a few things you can pick up from current collections that I love.




1) Ksubi

2) Witchery

3) Wanted
Kat Maconie

4) Prism

5) Wanted

6) Gap

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Hello there friends,

I was very excited when Spring came out and a lot of the collections of my favourite stores were featuring black & white. I wear a lot of b&w as it’s probably the easiest colour to wear and it always looks good. A lot of people can think it’s rather depressing to have the majority of your wardrobe black and white, however if you introduce some interesting patterns, opposed to block colours you can still maintain a unique and trendy look and can always accessorise with some colour.

Having a little bit of texture to your outfit can go a long way, redefining your outfit from dull to dynamic.

Here are a few of my favourite things out there at the moment, with a few things to add some spice to your outfit –

1) Seed

2) Seed

3) Seed

4) Sass and bide

5) Sass and bide

6) Wanted

7) Wanted

8) Benah

9) Witchery

10) Witchery

Wish List

wanted winter accessories

Due to the freezing and rainy weather I have been stuck inside all weekend. I made this time useful by thinking of a ‘wanted winter accessory’ wish list. These items are too dress up any outfit and make it more dynamic. Accessories are always great to add something more to that simple outfit, but as well making that amazing outfit perfect.


1) Witchery scarf 2) Windsor smith boots 3) Witchery sunglasses 4) OPI honey ride nail polish 5) Windsor Smith boots 6) WItchery scarf 7) Community box set (for those rainy days in bed) 8) Saint Laurent bag

Wish List

A Cool Change

As our wardrobe tends be seasonal, wearing cozy knits and boots in winter to living in a bikini and cute floral dresses in summer, it would be only appropriate to write an entry about a few basic neccesities I like to purchase for Autumn. As you slowly adapt your summer wardrobe, wearing a sweater over your dress, you will definitely need more layers as the sun starts to rise later and it becomes cooler.

This necessities are perfect for tying over your summer wardrobe over those Autumn months before it’s gets to winter.

1) A new novel. A novel is a great excuse to spend those lazy afternoons in bed with snacks

2) A knitted sweater. A sweater will be always be handy to keep in your bag when the unexpected cool change occurs.

3) A new pair of pyjamas. To keep you that little bit warmer in bed.

4) A paris of socks. A little pair of socks can do miracles, whether it’s wearing it with you boots keeping your feet that extra bit warm or whether it’s wearing them in bed, socks are suitable for any occasion.

5) A pair of boots. These ankle boots are great to replace your thongs or sandals with as they look great with dresses and will keep your toes warm.

6) A new accessory. A new accessory is always great to rejuvenate your wardrobe. Today I have chosen a new cover for my iPad, just in case it gets cold, or maybe even rained on.

7) A little pouch. This little pouches will keep all you your small bits and pieces all together in your bigger bag, and will often save embarrassment when a cute pink pouch falls out of your bag rather than your tampons.


1) The Freudian Slip novel 2) Black Witchery knitted jumper 3) Peter Alexander pyjamas pants 4) Country road pok-a-dot socks 5) Winsdor smith black boots 6) Pink Marc Jacobs iPad cover 7) Cheap monday pink pouch