Birkenstocks are Back!

After seeing the trend of Birkenstock’s return back into fashion, Miranda Kerr’s photo shot for Vogue definitely made sure they were coming back for good. I want to wear them with everything and nothing, with dresses or with jeans. They are my #1 shoe for this summer.




Photos: Miranda Kerr by Alasdhair Mclellan for Vogue UK September 2013


My Sunday outfit

With it being such a lovely day outside and all I’ve decided to get out of my Sunday morning slumber and go grab some lunch in Paddington. Here is what my outfit for the day. It’s comfortable and casual, yet it is still some what trendy.


Top: Witchery, Bra: Topshop, Eyeshadow: Chanel, Watch: Marc Jacobs, Perfume: Grace, Shoes: Converse, Shorts: Ksubi, Bag: Mimco


Spring is here!

Hello Spring!

You’ve definitely made sure everyone knows you’re here for good and winter is far gone. With the flowers starting to blossom again, which also makes walking to work a lot more enjoyable it’s time to start adjusting my length of my clothing and time to remove those thick wooly scarfs/jumpers that I love so much. Spring is the perfect time to start introducing colour into the wardrobe as it is so easy just to wear black constantly during winter. This is simply because in spring you can wear one simple piece of clothing, like a dress and then you only need to accessorise with some cute scandals or sneakers and a bag, Simple! Whilst in winter you have to co-ordinate with your pants, shirts, jumpers and scarfs whilst still trying to stay as warm as possible.

As the days get longer and warmer, but our skirt lengths shorter, it’s always nice to keep some vibrant new clothing to keep your wardrobe fresh.


1) Minty meets munt

2) Sass and bide

3) Zimmerman

4) Sass and bide

5) Zimmerman

6) Zimmerman

7) Converse

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Hello there friends,

I was very excited when Spring came out and a lot of the collections of my favourite stores were featuring black & white. I wear a lot of b&w as it’s probably the easiest colour to wear and it always looks good. A lot of people can think it’s rather depressing to have the majority of your wardrobe black and white, however if you introduce some interesting patterns, opposed to block colours you can still maintain a unique and trendy look and can always accessorise with some colour.

Having a little bit of texture to your outfit can go a long way, redefining your outfit from dull to dynamic.

Here are a few of my favourite things out there at the moment, with a few things to add some spice to your outfit –

1) Seed

2) Seed

3) Seed

4) Sass and bide

5) Sass and bide

6) Wanted

7) Wanted

8) Benah

9) Witchery

10) Witchery



So, just recently I purchased my first Camilla. It’s a playful, flirty jumpsuit which I absolutely adore. At first I was skeptical to spend such money on just one dress (considering I am only a student.) However, from hearing feed back from other Camilla lovers, my purchase felt more like an investment. Even with one girl mentioning that she wanted to keep her Camilla for her own child to have.

Those stunning, colourful, delicate pieces that almost resemble an art form of some kind, are perfect for summer and will suit nearly every body shape. I find the camilla pieces are not just about wearing a timeless statement outfit, but it’s about the way the dress makes you feel as the soft fabric gently sits on your skin and the intricate detailing of the design gives the items a touch of luxury.

I fall more and more in love with Camilla and since purchasing mine I have realised 1 thing. Every girl deserves at least 1 Camilla dress.

Here are a few of my favourites. Which one is yours?


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My shopping bag from Melbourne

I went down to Melbourne for two weeks during my university break. As anyone who has been to Melbourne would known the three best things to do in Melbourne are –

1) Eat and Drink
2) Shop, Shop, Shop and more shopping!
3) Check out any current exhibitions down there (I was incredibly lucky to see the Monet exhibition!!!)

I decided to show you guys a few of my favourite things that I got down there.

1) Witchery Sunglasses – These guys are great! They are black and elegant and remind of Audrey Hepburn’s fantastic glasses (if only I have her facial structure!)

2) Witchery ring – This little number sits comfortably on my finger most days now, as it’s simple yet with the chain detailing it creates a very appealing accessory

3) Witchery purse – This black item fits perfectly into my every day, I put my essentials (neurofen, lipstick, papaw etc) in it and keep it in my bag. It’s fantastic because it keeps all those items separate from everything else (books, iPad, phone…. food)

4) Strawberry and cream tea from the oriental tea house – This tea is very sweet (just the way I like it) but you can also have it hot or cold. I like to prepare it and then let it cool over night then drink it through out the day adding a bit of favour to my water (it’s sugar and fat free too)

5) Black and white sports girl top – Well how can you go wrong with navy and white stripes…

6) Black Winsdor Smith boots – Because in winter everyone needs a good pair of boots and these ones also come with a bit of a heel which means i can dress them up, or just wear them casually




The asymmetrical skirt is coming into play this winter. The asymmetrical skirt is a great way to add dimension to a plain outfit and can definitely be dressed up to suit a formal occasional. I fell in love with this particular black, leather witchery skirt.



1) tumblr 2) country road black skirt