Spring is here!

Hello Spring!

You’ve definitely made sure everyone knows you’re here for good and winter is far gone. With the flowers starting to blossom again, which also makes walking to work a lot more enjoyable it’s time to start adjusting my length of my clothing and time to remove those thick wooly scarfs/jumpers that I love so much. Spring is the perfect time to start introducing colour into the wardrobe as it is so easy just to wear black constantly during winter. This is simply because in spring you can wear one simple piece of clothing, like a dress and then you only need to accessorise with some cute scandals or sneakers and a bag, Simple! Whilst in winter you have to co-ordinate with your pants, shirts, jumpers and scarfs whilst still trying to stay as warm as possible.

As the days get longer and warmer, but our skirt lengths shorter, it’s always nice to keep some vibrant new clothing to keep your wardrobe fresh.


1) Minty meets munt

2) Sass and bide

3) Zimmerman

4) Sass and bide

5) Zimmerman

6) Zimmerman

7) Converse


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