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Favourite four eats in Melbourne

1) Oriental tea house – Chapel street

Usually when you’re travelling you try as many different places as possible, yet I found myself coming back for more on my last night for more. I just could’t get enough. The oriental tea house does yum cha in the day, and continues in a similar fashion at night where you still order lots of small dishes to share, rather than one big meal.

It won’t be a cheap meal, but the unique flavoursome dishes are definitely worth it. Furthermore, you have a wide selection of tea to accompany your meal which are simply divine. I could not talk higher of this place!

Photo: The vanity explorer

2) Shanghai Village dumpling house – Little Bourke street

This three story dumpling house serves the best dumplings around Melbourne. When given a menu of such a wide variety of dumplings it can be a little over whelming. However, with the prices being so cheap ($5 or so for about 6-12 dumplings) you can afford to go all out. The service may not be the best, but it’s quick and awesome dumplings definitely make up for it.

Not only do i recommend this place for it’s amazing dumplings, but also because for it’s atmosphere. The place is absolutely packed (which is always a good sign) and you usually end up sharing a table with about 6 other randoms. If you feel uncomfortable with that, it’s best to go with a large group of people.

Photo: The vanity explorer

3) Donnini’s Italian restaurant – Lygon Street
I recommended Donnini’s italian restaurant because it’s the particular one i choose too to go, however any Italian restaurant along Lygon street is just as good as the other. Lygon street, also known as little italy, is about a twenty minute walk away from the main CBD but definitely worth going too. I spent an afternoon there browsing the shops and having an fantastic lunch there.

I love anything italian … pizza, pasta and shoes !! I was heaven in this restaurant. The pasta was home made and the banter between the staff in Italian really made you feel like you could be in Italy.

Photo: the vanity explorer

4) Any cafe along side street.
This cute and cool lane way is always buzzing and it’s definitely worth checking out here whether it’s for a quick coffee or for a easy lunch as you will never get disappointed. Each cafe, if you can tell them apart, all have their own you little quirks to them but all sell pretty similar cafe food. However, the food always taste amazing and the service is exceptionally, unless you don’t like to be spoken too. The waiters are always striking up a conversation recommending food or locations (which helps if you’re not from around there.) and the buzzing atmosphere makes you feel like you’re part of the Melbourne crowd.

Photo: The vanity explorer


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