Take me away

So, I’m heading off to Melbourne in a week. It’s just a local, quick trip to check out some of their current exhibitions, and of course, do a bit of shopping. The perfect plane outfit is always difficult to conquor as you need to wear something that is comfortable but each item also has to be easily suited for the rest of your lugguage.

I’m only heading down to melbourne for a week, so my luggage is limited. That means everything on the plane I will actually wear a few times over. It’s always good to stick with the basics, as basics will accompany for any outfit.

I have started with a great pair of country road jeans that are really flexible and comfortable, with a black and white stripped top (how could you go wrong.) For when it gets a bit chilly on the plane I have a grey jumper to put on if needed. I have chosen a bright orange bag to bring some colour into the equation with some cute, simple and comfortable ballet flats.


1) Alexander wang bag 2) Country road ballet flats 3) Proenza Schoulder top 4) Equipment grey jumper 5) Country road jeans


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