Eat well, be well

The best thing for you to treat yourself is to eat well and be well. This also happens to the motto for food chain Iku, an wholemeal restaurant. There are a few located around Sydney so I’m sure you’ll definitely find one around.

To eat well ,is to look after yourself which your body will thank you for. By taking care of your inside, it will reflect on your outside. This includes your skin improving, a more rejuvenated look and you will definitely smile more.

Iku is by far one of my favourite places to eat as it always has consistent little snacks like rice balls or brown rice sushi or their main meals that change daily. Here are an example of a chic pea, coriander and sweet potatoe casserole and a vegetarian lasagne [from my instragram – liiv_grace).

It’s affordable and delicious. If you’re trying to attempt a health kick or just trying to lose a few extra kilos this is definitely a place worth trying and you could always try these recipes at home.



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