Pulp fiction

Don’t you just love it when you’re watching a great film and not only is the writing exceptional, the cinematic style is engaging and the style is not only spot on for to suit the theme of the movie, but is also trendy. This is the case for Uma Thurman’s brief style in pulp fiction. I know she is in limited scenes, but Uma Thurman’s outfit is the perfect correlation between casual yet classy, comfortable yet classic, sassy yet sophisticated. Pulp fiction is one of my favourite films which I was happy to watch over and over again to try get these film stills to demonstrate her style. If you haven’t already seen the film, watch it. However, if Quentin Tarantino isn’t your cup of tea, at least watch the screen with Uma Thurman in it, who plays a gangster’s wife. It is one of the best dance scenes ever, and you still get enriched in the films essence without all the violence. Here are just a few stills to demonstrate her style to allow you to adapt your wardrobe into this pulp fiction outfit.

A few things to pick up on her outfit – Her hair, her shirt, her nails, her pants and her coat.


1) Gucci grey jacket 2) Balmain white shirt 3) The hair 4) Witchery gold shoes 5) Skyfall purple nail-polish 6) Joseph black trousers


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