Wish List

A Cool Change

As our wardrobe tends be seasonal, wearing cozy knits and boots in winter to living in a bikini and cute floral dresses in summer, it would be only appropriate to write an entry about a few basic neccesities I like to purchase for Autumn. As you slowly adapt your summer wardrobe, wearing a sweater over your dress, you will definitely need more layers as the sun starts to rise later and it becomes cooler.

This necessities are perfect for tying over your summer wardrobe over those Autumn months before it’s gets to winter.

1) A new novel. A novel is a great excuse to spend those lazy afternoons in bed with snacks

2) A knitted sweater. A sweater will be always be handy to keep in your bag when the unexpected cool change occurs.

3) A new pair of pyjamas. To keep you that little bit warmer in bed.

4) A paris of socks. A little pair of socks can do miracles, whether it’s wearing it with you boots keeping your feet that extra bit warm or whether it’s wearing them in bed, socks are suitable for any occasion.

5) A pair of boots. These ankle boots are great to replace your thongs or sandals with as they look great with dresses and will keep your toes warm.

6) A new accessory. A new accessory is always great to rejuvenate your wardrobe. Today I have chosen a new cover for my iPad, just in case it gets cold, or maybe even rained on.

7) A little pouch. This little pouches will keep all you your small bits and pieces all together in your bigger bag, and will often save embarrassment when a cute pink pouch falls out of your bag rather than your tampons.


1) The Freudian Slip novel 2) Black Witchery knitted jumper 3) Peter Alexander pyjamas pants 4) Country road pok-a-dot socks 5) Winsdor smith black boots 6) Pink Marc Jacobs iPad cover 7) Cheap monday pink pouch


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