Back to Basics

It took me a long time and a lot of wasted cash to realise that the base of your wardrobe is your basics. I live in basics everyday. I love them. They are easy and you can never go with a basic black, white or grey shirt. I occasionally like to mix it up with a red or blue shirt. If you put a basic shirt with some fitted jeans paired with some cute converse, ballet flats or sandals you have yourself a pretty effortless, timeless and cool outfit.

Obviously, when an occasion rises and it’s no longer appropriate for me to wear just a few basics I will take advantage of the situation to dress up. However, it is always reassuring to have those basics that can never go wrong. Also, if you ever find yourself buying statement pieces such as a skirt, or a particular jacket having those few basics in wardrobe always gives you something to fall back on without having to buy another piece of clothing to match.


1) Karen Walker sunglasses 2) Grey Bassike shirt 3) Black Bassike shirt 4) Blue converse shoes 5) Marc Jacobs watch 6) Stripy Bassike shirt 7) White Bassike Singlet 8) Bassike Striped Jumper


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