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As university starts next week I start to say Goodbye to breakfasts in bed, lazy days in the sun, reading fictional novels and long boozy dinners. However, every semester when university begins it always sparks this internal desire to organise my life and to set out to make some goals. I tell myself I will continue to go the gym, I will get an above distinction average, try to eat healthier and I will try remain organised. Just before I go back to uni I always use my last dollars saved from my summer job to buy a few little things to contribute with these goals. My purchases will range from anything from a Moleskine notebook for my lectures, to another new Longchamp bag to carry my bits and bobs to and from uni, to even a new pair of comfortable ballet flats to look at while waiting for public transport. As my late, lazy mornings in bed turn into early mornings with a green tea to go I always get a thrill when I put these little items to good use.

Check out my Wish list for university –

1) Black Country road Ballet flats 2) Apple iPad 2 3) Black Witchery Jumper 4) Black and white striped Bassike top 5) Black Moleskine Notebook 6) Silver Country road Ballet flats 6) Black Longchamp bag



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